Natural Stone Tiles Versus Porcelain Tiles in Mississauga – Tips To Make the Best Choice

Rather than choose natural stone tiles, you can decide to go with porcelain tiles. Some porcelain tile designs are very beautiful. But your home improvement contractor recommended that you choose a natural stone tile in Mississauga instead. Why should you make this choice while the look-alikes will still provide you with the look you are going for? Heck, why should you even give the look-alikes the light of day?

Well, natural stone and porcelain tiles in Mississauga, like everything else, have their pros and cons. Your choice of tile is dependent on numerous factors and not just the look they provide. In this piece, we review some tips that will help you choose the best tile for your kitchen or bathroom.


For many homeowners, the cost of purchase and maintenance is a huge consideration when choosing flooring materials. Even when working with a huge budget, saving some cash on the flooring will leave room to splurge on other fixtures in the house. Generally, a natural stone tile in Mississauga costs a lot more than a porcelain tile.

However, natural stone provides your home with a higher resale value than porcelain tiles in Mississauga. If you intend to move or sell the house in the near future, this is a huge consideration. Along with the initial purchase and installation costs, natural stone tiles need a significant level of maintenance on a yearly basis. Natural stone tile flooring needs to be sealed every year. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, do not need sealing.

So, while porcelain tiles may not provide your home with a higher resale value, compared to natural stone, they are also a beautiful option. Porcelain tiles come in many different colours and patterns. Some are so realistic that it is difficult to tell them apart from natural stone, especially when installation is done right.

Durability and Maintenance

Families with pets, kids and even messy and clumsy cooks love the low maintenance and durability that porcelain tiles feature. Porcelain tiles are designed to be water, stain, chip and scratch resistant. As mentioned above, they do not need yearly sealing to maintain their beautiful look.

Natural stone, like slate flooring, does need sealing. Without it, it will start absorbing water, which will lead to staining and general degradation of the tiles. While this is an added cost and translates to more time spent, sealing doesn’t take much time, depending on the amount of flooring you need to cover. It is surprisingly easier than most homeowners think it is.


In all honesty, the beautiful appearance that natural stone offers is difficult to mimic with manufactured tiles. However, thanks to modern technology, porcelain tiles come really close to it. But, with some side to side comparisons, you can tell the difference (though it requires a keen eye).

That said, the innate and luxurious look of stone flooring is difficult to mimic.

When making your choice, here is something to think about. Is it more important to have the character and warmth of natural stone tiles under your feet (though it costs more to purchase and maintain), or are you tech-savvy and appreciate the work done on porcelain tiles?


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