Bathroom Remodel – Refinish or Replace the Bathtub?


The upcoming bathroom remodel in your Kansas home is your opportunity to get the bathroom of your dreams. The question on your mind, however, is what you should do with the bathtub; you love it and you wouldn’t want to throw it out, but at the same time you need to give your bathroom a completely new look. What are your options? While you can go ahead and buy a new bathtub or you can hire a Kansas bathtub refinishing contractor who can make your old one look as good as new.

That is what refinishing is all about. You don’t get to throw out your old tub, but rather have it given a whole new color and design which will match with the rest of the remodels in your bathroom. There are several benefits to refinishing your bathtub as compared to buying a new one:

  • You get to keep the old tub that you know and love. This can be important especially if you like the tub for sentimental reasons or if it is worth a great deal of money.
  • One of the reasons why so many Kansas homeowners choose to refinish old fixtures rather than replace them is the money savings. Buying a brand new bathtub is a costly venture – it will cost you a few hundred dollars if you want a basic design. If, however, you choose to refinish you will save money because it is much cheaper – you will spend about half of what it would cost to replace.
  • Refinishing takes a much shorter time than replacing. Depending on the size of your bathroom and tub, it can take contractors up to a week to install a new tub. If, however, you choose refinishing and hire an experienced contractor they can be done in a day or two.
  • Replacing also requires a number of other professionals who you have to pay for. You will need to hire a plumber and possibly an electrician and you may need someone to work on drywall. If, however, all you are doing is refinishing you only need one or two professionals to get the job done – fewer laborers in your home and a smaller bill for you.
  • One main worry about refinishing among homeowners is the end result – will it look as good as new? The answer is yes – so long as you are working with a contractor who has experience in refinishing bathtubs they will give you the tub of your dreams. Discuss your expectations with them in terms of style, shape, color and any other additions you have in mind and then allow them to do their job.
  • You can retain all the fixtures in your bathroom if you choose to refinish your bathtub. If your taps and drains are in relatively good condition you do not have to buy new ones. This is not always possible if you choose to replace your bathtub.

The most important thing when refinishing a tub is to choose the right contractor – ask them to show you photos of previous projects and have a strong warranty in place.