Warning Signs That Let You Know You Need Furnace Repair

Your home heating system plays a critical role in keeping you and your family safe and comfortable during the extremely cold winter seasons. Therefore, you need to make sure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. The replacement and repair of parts and components of the system must be done in a prompt manner. This way, you save yourself the trouble of more costly repairs in the future. Having Kingston furnace repair sooner as opposed to doing it later saves you the trouble of being without a functional heater, as well. Here are some warning signs you should look out for that actually point out the need for professional furnace repair.

1. Increased Electric Bills

High electricity bills could often point to a faulty home heating system. If your furnace is not operating at peak efficiency, then you are likely to note an increase in your home heating bills. Heaters tend to lose their effectiveness if scheduled maintenance is not carried out in a timely manner. Even so, aging is yet another factor that contributes to the loss of efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, get a heating repair specialist to check your unit.

2. Faulty Thermostat

One sure sign that you need Kingston furnace repair or service is when you constantly need to have to turn up the heat and you feel no difference in heating. Whether the thermostat malfunction occurs due to loose wiring or an electrical problem, you should immediately call a Kingston furnace repair technician to fix the broken thermostat.

3. A Yellow Flame

A blue flame is an indication that your furnace system is working properly. However, when the colour of the flame changes to yellow, then your system is possibly having carbon monoxide leakage. This is dangerous, as it exposes your family to danger. Get a home heating specialist to examine the system to eliminate the danger and further damage to the unit.

4. Gas Smells

The older furnaces develop cracks over time. The cracking in most cases occurs inside the heat exchanger. Therefore, if you happen to smell gas leaks, it is important that you shut down the system immediately. A Kingston furnace repair specialist will be able to resolve the problem quickly.

5. Strange Noises

An unusual, strange noise coming from the furnace is a red flag that points to the need for urgent furnace repair. If you hear any popping, screeching, humming, or banging sounds, then this might mean a replacement of the unit is due or parts need replacing. Below are reasons for the unusual noises:

• Popping – Popping sounds occur when the parts of your Kingston home heating system respond to temperature changes in the system.
• Squealing or Screeching – These sounds are produced by either the inducer motor or blower motor, meaning a belt is about to give in, pulley systems are defective, or the bearings are loose.
• Humming – Even though the fan motor often produces a gentle humming sound, the sound should never be disruptive or loud. If the humming sound is too loud, then the blower fan motor or inducer motor is probably beginning to fail.
• Banging or rattling – Loose screws, loose sheet metal, or unsecured ductwork could be causing these sounds. Rattling may also mean that a motor is incorrectly balanced.

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