Smart-Tech Must Haves For Your Bathroom This 2018

Technological advances are no longer limited to handheld devices that make communication and our jobs easier. Intelligent innovations are now made available that aims to improve and beautify our homes, all the while improving our quality of life.  With all the perks that come with it, it’s no wonder why many have succumbed to the smart home craze.

As for remodelling our homes with the latest technology, it seems that bathrooms are the last one on the list. We tend to focus on the biggest rooms in the house, but what many are not aware of is that there are numerous smart innovations available for your bathroom.

Smart Toilets

Toilets are now keeping up with the “smart trend” and are continuously being revolutionised. Now we have motor sensors that automatically lifts and lowers the lids of the toilet. One can now navigate toilets at night thanks to LED nightlights. Smart toilet seats such as the Brondell Swash 1000 makes it possible to wash you up after every toilet trips with its adjustable water temperature and pressure. If you want your toilet to do all the hard work for you, then look for a bidet system that can flush, wash and dry you off.

Smart Showers

Did you know that there are new showers in the market that transmits LED lights while you wash or while you dip in the tub? One can also control the lighting, temperature as well as monitor water consumption with programmable shower controls. Bluetooth shower heads are also hot this 2018 that lets you listen to music while in the bath.

Bathroom TVs

These waterproof televisions let you eliminate the need to bring your iPad or smartphone inside the bathroom. Some are frameless TVs and have fog-resistant screens. Now you can watch your favorite shows while you relax in the tub.

Digital Faucets

Want a water-conserving and touchless technology that also has settings that let you control the water temperature all at the same time? Then what you need are modern faucets coined as Digital Faucets. Going green while modernising your home and lowering your water and energy bill is just some of the advantages that come with this fancy yet functional spouts.

High-tech Bathroom Luxuries

Want a cold or icy drink to accompany you while being surrounded by soft music, candle lights and bubbles? How about cooling skincare products and having access to them right inside your bathroom? With refrigerator drawers installed in your bath, your chilled needs are never out of reach.

Are you a body and health conscious individual? Then Smart Scales are here to weigh and track your BMI. Heated technologies are also made available to keep your towels and even your floors warm and toasty.

The list is a short one, but the ones listed are some of the most in-demand and most wanted smart techs for bathrooms. Before buying yourself any of these smart gadgets, ask yourself what you want, what you need and what can work in your bathroom. If there is one thing for sure, it’s that most are definitely worth the money.

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