Reasons for Choosing Glass Railings for Your Deck in Vancouver

There are several reasons for choosing glass railings for your deck or patio. In addition to the obvious reason of enjoying an unobstructed view, glass has many other great qualities that make it a good material choice for your deck or patio railing. However, just like with any fencing in North Vancouver, you should have an expert install your railings. Proper installation is crucial for durability and safety of your glass railing system. This article gives the top reasons for choosing glass railings in Vancouver.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to other railing materials, glass is very easy to maintain. Other railing materials such as wood will require repainting or re-staining every few years to keep them looking good. A glass railing can be easily cleaned using a squeegee and some soap, which saves you both money and effort. The tempered glass used in deck and patio railings can last for years with proper care. If you want a railing material that will be very easy to maintain, you should choose glass.


Glass railings in Vancouver blend well with all architectural styles, reducing the appearance of structures in rustic designs, or adding sophistication to contemporary designs. There are styles of glass railings that you can match to the exterior of your home, taking all of the difficulty out of finding contemporary styles.


Glass railings are ideal for keeping things either in or out. It is a perfect railing material for people with pets or small children since they will not have to be concerned about them being stuck or caught between the pickets. These railing systems are also harder to access from the outside and they can either serve as a privacy screen or wind break.


Tempered glass used in these railings ensures that they are very strong and durable. Besides, when a tempered glass panel breaks, it breaks into several small circular pieces rather than into sharp, serrated shards, thus reducing potential injury. Reliable glass railing providers will offer an extended guarantee against manufacturing defects. As already mentioned, the important thing is to ensure that your glass railing is installed as directed by the manufacturer. The secret to enjoying many years of service for any fencing in North Vancouver is to have it properly installed.


Glass is highly customizable, making it ideal for any type of home. When you are designing your deck or patio, you can pick from different types of glass to include edged patterns, reduce glare, or opaque qualities like frosted choices. Provided you choose a reliable company, you will be spoiled for choice.

These are the top reasons why you should choose glass railings in Vancouver. However, some homeowners are concerned about the initial investment on this railing option. The good news is that with the lack of maintenance and durability of glass railings, it is certainly worth it. Do some research to get a reliable company to buy your glass railing system from. When you contact a potential company, ask about their pricing and installation details.

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