Searching for a construction company near you is a daunting task especially if you’re looking to build in Vermont where lots of iconic structural designs are erected regularly. Having so many options to choose from cannot only be confusing but can also delay the building from being constructed.

Of course, you want a customized home which is why you opted out to build from scratch instead of buying so every little detail has to both fit your taste and be budget friendly. In no particular order, here are some of the companies located in Vermont that not only provide artistic home construction solutions but will give you a bang for your buck!

This list was not compiled based on the number of employees each company has nor the size but on outstanding architectural feats and affordability not cheap lol.

STERLING HOMES – As a company building homes for families in Vermont for over 35 years, they pride themselves in making their services affordable to people looking to build their own home. They aim to remove any barriers standing in the way of making your dream home a reality, so they have a design to suit each family needs because no two families are the same.

HUNTINGTON HOMES – providing custom fit homes since 1978 in Vermont. One interesting fact to note about Huntington homes is that they acknowledge partnership with professional architects and home designers all over England. So, once you conclude on how you want your home to look like; they’ll take it up from there. Building your house is not cheap, but Huntington homes make it affordable by providing three different construction packages; Modules only, Modules with set screw and Trunkey.

JAMAICA COTTAGE SHOP – Offering kits, plans, and prefab cabins, Jamaica Cottage shop is one of the best and affordable custom building companies in Vermont. They serve not only residents of Vermont but also provide free shipping throughout Canada and the United States. They offer easy to DIY plans for aspiring homeowners looking to cut down the cost of hiring contractors. They are experts in mostly small outbuildings which are which are essential and financially feasible for homeowners looking for added space instead of expanding the main house. They provide building solutions such as cottages, tiny house on wheels, playhouse construction, storage sheds, and home offices. To crown it all, they offer fantastic payment plans on each purchase.

BORBEAU CUSTOM HOMES INC– in addition to home building services, Borbeau Custom Homes Inc. has an affiliated real estate sector that provides you with various land options to choose from.

Building your home is no easy task; the range of having a house of about 1,918 sq. ft., with three beds, averages $400,000. But there are other options you can explore by contacting Jamaica Cottage Shop especially if you’re looking to have a tiny home for only you and your partner.

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