What should be the ideal size for the Lawn?


Lawn plays an important role in making a home more attractive and beautiful. A well-managed lawn can compel people to visit your home whereas, an unsupervised lawn can resist people to meet you and can make your home so non-appealing. But along with the management of lawn, the size of the lawn also matters. The size of the lawn can either increase or can detract from the curb appeal. Therefore, always choose the right size for your home lawn if you want to increase the worth of your home or make it more captivating. The size of the lawn should also suit for future needs. You need enough space and the right size. But how to know that what’s the ideal size for your home? Don’t worry! We will help you find the answer to this question. We have brought to you some important points that will answer all your questions regarding ideal lawn size.

  • The size of the lawn should accommodate your outdoor activities. If you spend more time of your day sitting or walking on the lawn, then you need outdoor furniture and pathways for your lawn and it definitely requires space. If there are only adults in your home then you don’t need a big lawn and it will also save you from paying lawn maintenance cost. If you have kids at home, then you also need play space for them.
  • Your lawn must not be extending to areas where the grass cannot grow because of constant shade or extra heat. Only limit the lawn to the area where the trees and the plants can easily thrive.
  • If you have a small home structure then there’s no need to extend your lawn to redundant miles. It will make your home look even smaller than the actual. Also, the health of lawn matters more than the size. It will decrease the curb appeal. Therefore, try to make your lawn size optimal and add more features to it to make it look appealing.
  • If the privacy of the home is more important to you, then you don’t need to have a big lawn or have a lawn at all. You can improve the outlook of your home by using herbs and shrubs that will cover your home premises beautifully.
  • If you own a big square of property and the size of your home building is above average, then you need a big spacious lawn because a combination of small lawn and a big home won’t work. Extend your lawn and decorate it with outdoor furniture. Surround the boundary with beautiful bright flowers and fences. You may also add a nice green gate to your lawn as the cherry on the top.
  • What’s the easiest way to figure out the proportion of lawn maintenance required? The answer to this complex question is simpler than you thought. Use the one rule of thumb! Just take a picture of your home and then draw a circle around the house about equal to the height of the house. The circle will represent the areas where the garden, seating areas, pathways can help to accent the home.

Author Bio : Sarah works for yourgreenpal and she loves gardens and lawns!