5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Safe

Buying a home safe can be challenging as there are a number of things to consider. Questions such as what type of safe, what size and where to put it are the most obvious; but there are others to think about as well. Here are five important things to consider before buying:

Do I really need one?

Ask yourself what you need a safe for. This may help answer some of the other questions that follow. For example, are your valuables flammable? Do they need to be kept at home rather than in a bank? Who else needs to be able to get to them quickly?

What type of safe do I need?

If you’re clear on why you need a safe you’re nearer answering what type you need. Think about what you wish to keep in it; the nature of them; how quickly you need to get to the things inside it; whether it is to be concealed or out in the open.

What size safe do I need?

If you’ve decided what to keep in your safe then you may have an idea of the size you require. Choose one that meets your needs but also consider future-proofing it. In other words, don’t buy a small safe that will hold a few items if you think you may want to add to them or put other things with them in the future. It’s better to buy a slightly larger safe than you need now and have the extra storage space in reserve.

Where should I put it?

Safes can be free-standing, concealed simply by a piece of furniture, or mounted to a floor or a wall. They can also be concealed beneath a floor, either under floorboards or set into concrete. Think about the type of safe you want and where you could locate it.

Do I need a fireproof safe?

Some items may not be valuable to anyone but you, such as old photographs or documents. These are flammable and if you want to keep them in a safe the best type will be a fireproof one.


Answering the questions above should help you to decide on the type of safe you need. If you are in any doubt it is best to consult a specialist in safes such as Secure Safe Using expert advice should help you choose the right safe and could even save you money in the long run.

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